Head Girl's Message

A warm greetings to all.

 I am both honored and proud to stand before you as being chosen the Head Girl of my school. I am lucky as I have been selected from a dynamic peer group and honoured as I have received the responsibility to lead you all with integrity and grace. DPS HRIT stands for Service before self and I believe all my fellow leaders will agree to this and will perform all the tasks, which will be bestowed to them as per their positions with honour and enthusiasm. We, at DPS HRIT, are a strong family and each of us blessed with our own remarkable talents. Over the past years these talents have been emerged and nurtured by our remarkable teachers. And I , the head girl, is one of the example of  this.

I am grateful to my school for all the opportunities, support and knowledge offered by it to me and I pledge that I will do all my duties and responsibilities with sincerity and dedication.

According to Dr. Abdul Kalam, “Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success”.  Keeping this in mind, I would like all the students to walk through the journey of life with your heads high.


Best Wishes
Shubhangi Singh

(Head Girl)

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