Principal's Desk 

School is the only place that can give us concrete knowledge, fascinating adventure and meaningful education, thus enriching our lives.

We at DPS, HRIT continue to empower and nurture the joy of learning by offering a vibrant and dynamic learning environment where children can discover their passion and realize their goals. This helps students acquire skills and knowledge to face this multicultural society with confidence. It is our unending endeavour to empower children not only in academics but also to face challenges of life,outshine in every exploration and further the boundaries of personal excellence.

The learners of the 21st century are bold, creative and tech savvy, capable of collaborating with students around the world. Under the guidance of fiercely committed staff with caring pro-active and positive approach students are encouraged to explore, experiment and experience thus, enabling children to think outside the box.

I feel extremely fortunate to be associated with this prestigious group as the Principal, Being passionately involved in the field of education for more than two decades has given me the opportunity to have witnessed the transitions students undergo in their school journey. It has broadened my understanding of how we can ensure quality education for our children and build up their capability to evolve as global citizens.

Treading on the path of imparting education and enriching the young tender minds have instilled in me keen insight of latest teaching pedagogies, educational best practices and importance of experiential learning. I feel there is a long path to tread with new challenges to meet and build.

Being empowered to influence the future, we at DPS HRIT are committed to ensure that every child receives the values, skills and knowledge. Learning at DPS HRIT takes place in many shapes and forms. Through multi-disciplinary approach and broad co-curricular program students are provided an environment congenial for them to pursue their interests to the best of their abilities and adapt to this vibrant environment of profound learning.

Warm Regards and Best Wishes
Mrs. Nandini Shekhar



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