Vision & Mission


DPS HRIT has a mission to make school a harbinger of innovative child education in the entire school fraternity through:

  • Academic excellence.
  • Promoting arts, athletics and aesthetics.
  • Achieving health consciousness and
  • Becoming a life long learner.


Our Vision is to see beyond the narrow walls of classrooms and textbooks. We believe that both parents and teachers play an important role in growth and development of child and it is possible only through open communication; fruitful discussion so that we can together lay a strong foundation for our children. We commit ourselves to high standards of ethical awareness and community services.

Our Endeavour

Our constant Endeavour is to enable each child to identify empathies with the society he belongs to and contribute to it in his own little way with a view to facilitate a child’s exploration journey as he assumes the role of an individual, a social being and a global citizen.

Our special focus is on

  1. Creating opportunities for learning basic skills such a self dependency and critical thinking;
  2. To lead by example and be good role model so that our children imbibe the qualities;
  3. Imparting quality education through opportunities – discover, explore & experiment with hands;



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