Delhi Public School HRIT Campus is a magnificent place for students to grow academically, learn various skills, develop leadership and have meaningful learning experiences. Situated on the Delhi Meerut Road Ghaziabad the school upholds a progressive curriculum that enables the learners to equip themselves with skills that would be required in the 21st century. 


Our curriculum, course offerings and extra curricular activities are one of the best. The hallmark of Delhi Public School HRIT Campus is the unique learning environment which emerges as a result of co existence of CBSE and CBSE International curriculum. Here, we combine the strong theory and enquiry based knowledge of the Indian system with the International system of research, practical application, experiential learning and skill development.

The Curriculum initiated by Central Board of Secondary Education International (CBSE-I) is a progressive step in making the educational content responsive to global needs. It signifies the emergence of a fresh thought process in imparting a curriculum which would restore the independence of the learner to pursue the learning process in harmony with the existing personal, social and cultural ethos. The CBSE introduced the CBSE-I curriculum as a pilot project in few school situated outside India in 2010 in classes I and IX and extended the programme to class II, VI and X in the session 2011-12. It has further been expended to class XII. Presently only 47 selected schools are running the international curriculum. The Curriculum has been designed to nurture multiple intelligence like linguistic or verbal intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, sports intelligence, musical intelligence, inter-personal intelligence and intra-personal intelligence. The CBSE-I Curriculum evolves by building on learning experiences inside the classroom over a period of time.  


We nurture multiple intelligence to reach out to the students of diverse interest. The dynamic and progressive environment of the school provides opportunities of growth respecting the innate talent of each child. Every child here is unique with different attributes, qualities and abilities 


By the medium of outdoor and indoor activities the school strengthens qualities of persistence, courage, curiosity, leadership, creativity, resourcefulness, self discipline, reliability, sense of adventure, resilience and empathy among all students. These qualities would form the backbone of the future civic society. Therefore, at DPS HRIT Campus we undertake the multi disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach of learning making all curricular and co curricular activities integrated leading to the core learning process of the school. 


At DPS HRIT Campus we have a formidable team of teachers who continuously upgrade their knowledge to provide the best and the latest to the students with a goal of providing futuristic education. The school's commitment to provide world platform has enabled us to earn the British Council International School Award (ISA). 


We undertake exchange programs with students of different schools in different countries which have allowed us to create a world classroom within our classrooms. The mathematics lab, social science lab, science labs, interactive boards, auditorium, seminars halls, theater classrooms, separate swimming pools for primary and secondary classes and a complete fleet of AC transport system speak of the world class infrastructure and facilities the students enjoy. 




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