Assessment Criteria 

CBSE Assessment

Classes Pre-Nursery to V

The school follows the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme (CCE). There are no formal tests for the students of these classes. However the performance of the child throughout the year is assessed by a number of informed tests. The Academic session is divided into three evaluations consisting of equal number of working days.

Classes VI to XII

A Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme comprising of Formative and Summative Assessment as suggested by CBSE will be followed. The Formative Assessment will be divided into Pen & Paper Test and Non Pen & Paper Test terminally. There will be two terminal Examinations during the session. Weightage of each term shall be as follows:

Term 1

Term 2

FA 1


FA 3


FA 2


FA 4


SA 1


SA 2


CBSE-International Assessment

Class I & II

In the first two years of primary school education a student will be informally assessed for each half term in a year to ensure that learning is smooth and effective. No grades are given in these classes. Performance profile is filled with emotions only. Student is assessed on the basis of teachers’ continuous observation.

Class III onwards

Class III onwards, the school will undertake both formative and summative assessment in the scholastic and co-scholastic areas. The performance of the student is graded.



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