Pre Primary

Pre Nursery wing of DPS HRIT Campus comprises of classes from Pre Nursery to Prep. These classes enjoy special timings (8am - 12pm) keeping in mind the comfort of the youngsters. They also have different uniform to distinguish from rest of the school. Care, concern and courtesy for being the youngest lot of the school is always accorded to them.

The students are encouraged to develop curiosity and creativity through various educational methods, games and activities. Core values and attitudes are developed through participation in a plethora of activities and competitions. Like the rest of the school the Pre primary wing is equipped with facilities like a creative corner, sand pit, toy for joy, smart boards and interactive classroom setup.

A broad range of strategies are employed to obtain information about student’s skill and conceptual understandings to identify student’s strengths and weakness and provide detailed diagnostic information for further improvement in a non-threatening environment. Informal reviews are conducted at the end of each term. 

Story narration, picture reading, colouring, creativity through art and craft are other areas of a student’s learning process. Healthy eating, balanced diet, colour celebration, clay moulding and out of school visits are integrated with regular learning in the elementary classes.


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