I to V are placed in the Primary Wing of DPS HRIT Campus. These students are encouraged to master their skills to read, write, pronounce, spell, count, calculate and comprehend. The student’s assessments in these classes are both formal and informal through (CCE) Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. 

A number of assessment techniques provide the teachers support for constructive feedback. Level of attainment for each student in each skill is recorded on set parameters. Students are provided with opportunities to explore, experiment and experience their learning to reach understanding and apply newly acquired knowledge.

A weekly assessment schedule is followed round the academic year which is divided into three terms. Two assessments are taken for each term.  Assessments are carried out through thought provoking, value oriented group and individual tasks which are carefully planned to help students develop core skills of Critical Thinking, Problem solving, Collaborating and Digital Literacy. Co-curricular activities like quiz, elocution, art, craft, drawing competition, games and sports provide additional support to the areas of learning. Educational tours and picnics are taken care of round the year to make education fun and to learn from real life sources. Students also participate in inter class, intra class, inter school competitions and Olympiad to enhance competitive spirit in a joyful learning environment.  



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