Senior Secondary (Class XI & XII)

Classes XI and XII have a choice of all the three streams. Following subject combinations are popular.

Science- Physics, Chemistry with Mathematics/ Biology/ Psychology/ Physical Education/ Computers (any two subject combinations can be chosen). Physics, Chemistry and English remain constant for the science stream.

Commerce- Accountancy/ Business Studies/ Entrepreneurship/ Economics/ Physical Education/Mathematics and Information Practice are available. A student may pick and choose any four subjects. English is a compulsory subject in all the streams.

Similarly the stream of Humanities have ideal combinations like History/ Political Science/ Economics/ Physical Education/ Psychology/ Hindi/ Entrepreneurship. Any four subjects may be taken by students as per their interest. English is compulsory.

Regular tests and activities keep students on track in class XI and XII. Career Counseling, techniques of improving concentration, smart studying workshops, interaction with masters of different fields etc are some of the age specific activities our students regularly indulge in. The school also help students prepare for various competitive examinations.


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