Becoming a Dipsite

“Being a Dipsite is a matter of honour to me. Once a Dipsite always a Dipsite”

  • I uphold the values I learn at school and shall follow them all my life.
  • I admire elders of my family, my school and respect them from the bottom of my heart.
  • I endorse my responsibility towards the younger students and shall treat them with love and affection.
  • I validate that the campus language is English and must not be changed.
  • I appreciate the clean and green surrounding of my school campus and shall not deface it.
  • I treasure having teachers who help me sail through tough competitions and help me earn accolades for myself, my school and my family members.
  • I take pride in school name and uniform and wear the same with profound pride and dignity.
  • I confirm my belief in secularism and shall never have any biasness against anyone. 




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