Beyond Academics

Even though Co curricular Activities fall outside the realm of academics, yet they form an integral part of the curriculum. It has always nurtured and supported academics hand in hand. Apart from developing the psychomotor domain, student centric activities always cater to the need of mental tranquility, socializing as well as pragmatic approach to academics. Fields like Art and Craft, Theatrics, Public Speaking and Music and Dance assist in the formation of character and attitude.

House System

The Delhi Public School has incorporated the house system to instill the spirit of leadership, team work and discipline which inculcate amongst the students a sense of pride and belongingness. It helps in promoting healthy competition and encourages students to take up challenges in a true sporting spirit. Each house is allotted duties weekly which include conducting assemblies, competition, preparation of houses boards etc. 

1. The Entire School has been divided into four houses.

  • Narmada House (Blue T-shirt)
  • Kaveri House (Green T-shirt)
  • Krishna House (Red T-shirt)
  • Godavari House (Yellow T-shirt)

2. Every student on admission is placed in one of these houses.

3. Each house is headed by two house captains viz. Boy Captain and Girl Captain who are helped by Vice House Captains, House Masters/ Mistress and several other teachers.

4. Interhouse competitions are organized in sports, Literary and Cultural Programmes such as Dramatics, debates. Extempore Speech Elocution, Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Recitation, Story Narration, Numerical Ability and Test of Reasoning, Quiz, Art, Music and Computer Programming.




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