British Council Accredition Journey

The School is enrolled in the British Council International School Award for the year 2015-18. We are conducting a lot of activities with a global outlook for the ISA. The activities which gave learning to the students based on art, culture, cuisine, costumes, famous buildings and monuments of countries like USA, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and China during the Summer months. The school witnessed flow of knowledge when students in one such British Council project compared the similarities and dissimilarities of three democracies of the world-India, Nepal and USA.

To hobnob with internationalism in school education and to expose ourselves to varied experiences we registered for British Council's International School Accreditation Programme. The task was to complete atleast eight whole school projects keeping with international learning, multidisciplinary approach, proper evidence of student participation and both student- teacher satisfaction. It is a privilege to share experiences of our all eight projects.

British Council Leader’s Conference 

Principal, DPS HRIT Campus, Ms Meenakshi Chatterjee was the recipient of the best Core Skill Video Contest held at the British Council Leader’s Conference on 29th November 2016. It showcased the learning outcome of Core Skills with the lesson plan and how it helped to achieve deep learning. British Council complimented the wonderful work done by the school leader in implementing the core skills.

Global Village at my Backyard 

We had a great pleasure to explore countries like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, France and USA. We are now acquainted with their national flag, culture, costume, cuisine, art, history and geographical location. Since the project was taken up during the summer camp, I must say we had most wonderful holidays touring these countries. 

Democracies of the World

My Government, My Choice was rather a strong topic. The senior students did an extensive research of three democracies i.e. India, Nepal Et USA. We did a comparative study to know how these democracies thrive. We participated in quiz competition to test our knowledge wherein our parents were also invited. A CD of the quiz was sent to Universal School, Kathmandu. This appreciation swelled our hearts with pride.

They came and they conquered

Life and work of Martin King Luther, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi gave us the opportunity to compare the work and influence of these great leaders. We extensively researched and learned about apartheid movement. Now all the students of this school are ambassadors and advocates of racial equality. 

Brotherhood in the Neighborhood 

It was all about knowing the country of our partner school at Kathmandu Nepal. This project made us more sensitive towards the Himalayan country. We dedicated a song and dance to our partner school. 

Blow Hot and Blow Cold 

It took us to the deserts of the world Sahara and Gobi. Students compared temperature, life, population, vegetation of these hot and cold deserts. We all understood the true meaning of integration of various disciplines. 

Money Matters! 

Yes! Mathematics, life science and social studies in the same class. Money matters enabled us to recognize and identify currencies of few countries, understand exchange rates and be able to convert values of different currency to Indian rupees and know the denomination of smaller unit of different currencies. So engrossing was this topic that often primary school students have been seen checking each others knowledge on exchange rates during their journey in the school bus.

Animal Kingdom

Do you think Kindergarten kids got left behind? No not at all they learnt about national animals of different countries, food and habitat of these animals and grew love and concern for these animals. They now know about the protection of endangered animals. Their bonus was their visit to zoological garden with their teachers. 

Fold Tales

Another Kindergarten project Folk Tales gave the tiny tots an exposure to the world of folktales. Stories of Goldilocks, Arabian Nights and Momotaro are their all time favorite. You may be pleased to check out on how wonderful these kids looked during the fancy dress competition where they were dressed as different characters from the folktales of different countries. 

Working for ISA created the right environment in our school. Today we have world vision. We are growing empathy with our brothers in different countries. We think and behave globally. We are more responsible and certainly more equipped to handle competition. Now the World is our Oyster!



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